Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Setting up shop

So, welcome to my new RPG blog home. I quite honestly hadn't intended to move my blog from the home I'd made for it over at Loremaster.org, but with Matt James needing to blow up the site because of the problems he was having with the software, my blog went away. It's still a great site and I will definitely continue to contribute and comment there, but I think it's probably best if my blog set up shop here. Thanks though have to go to Matt for allowing me to get my feet wet in the RPG blogging world and featuring a few of my blog posts on the front page of the site.

I did get all my old blog material salvaged and I will be posting it here. Maybe not in the same order that it was posted before, but it'll all be up eventually. I look forward to getting writing again and hope that everybody will enjoy what I've got to say.