Tuesday, June 29, 2010

D&D Encounters: Tweet Effects for Season 2, weeks 1 through 3

An odd choice of old material to get up, you might think. You wouldn't be wrong. I'd like to get something actually written by me up tonight. And I will. But I think it's a good idea to get the full list of Season 2 tweet effects up soon because the latest batch is going up over at @Wizards_DND tonight and pretty soon I'll need to post the current week's (4) effects.

Week 1's effects
  • Supplies tumble within easy reach - Once per PC this session
    retrieving supplies from the cart is a free action instead of a minor.
  • The silt runner inciter is obviously well fed - Once he is dead one PC
    may collect his body for 1 day’s supplies as a minor action.
  • A howling wind swirls around the caravan whipping even more sand into
    the air - Creatures 3+ squares away from you have concealment
  • A blast of wind whips shards through the air with greater force.
    Creatures exposed to the storm take 3 damage instead of 2
  • Gusts of wind shift the sand underfoot - At the beginning of each PC’s
    turn they may slide 1 square
Week 2's effects
  • Delicious kank meat - Once this session after the kanks are defeated,
    each PC may feast on the kank meat to regain 1 healing surge
  • Invigorating strike - Once this session, each PC deals +1d8 damage to
    1 target on a melee attack hit & regains 10 hit points
  • Potent healing fruit! Any PC consuming healing fruit this session
    regains hit points without spending a healing surge
  • The Spirit of the Flame is with you! Once this session each PC deals
    +1d6 fire dmg to 1 target on a hit & regains 10 hit points
Week 3's effects
  • Inspiring recovery! Once this session, when you spend a healing surge,
    up to 2 allies who can see you also regain 5 hit points.
  • Another drake soars overhead its shadow menacing the goblins - Goblins
    not adjacent to their spiretop drake grant combat advantage
  • A sprinkle of foul liquid rains down-it's refreshing but revolting.
    For this session PCs use their second wind as a minor action
  • The primal spirits of the area bless your healing fruit - For this
    session healing fruits restore +1d6 hit points.