Sunday, April 14, 2013

Long time no see

So. Haven't written here for a while. Haven't had a lot of reason to, honestly. Between twitter, G+, and the other blogs I've had lots of opportunity to write about things I wanted to when I wanted to. It might be nice to come back to here though. I can use this as a more public place to post RPG stuff that I intend to link around as well as post things that are too... opinionated or rant-y to go up elsewhere. It also hasn't helped that a lot of the focus on this blog was 4e D&D and Wizards of the Coast utterly threw 4e under the bus in an attempt to appease players of older additions, so I haven't posted about D&D in general in a while.

But hey, no time like now to get back to writing here. I've been doing a lot of work with 13th Age. Running a campaign using the system and setting, working on what will hopefully be my first ever published RPG product (albeit an ebook) for the system, and a few other things with it. I intend to do a free adventuring site revolving around The Three (and their history when the other two great dragons were alive and/or free), a free pdf involving ally and antagonist factions for the setting, and another paid PDF which will be magical items and alternative magical advancements. Right now, the monstrous codex is the big project though and it's making decent progress.  At some point, I will need playtesting. I'll likely do some of it myself, but will also probably farm some of it out to others.

Aside from that, not doing a lot of gaming or gaming related things. Just running my game, writing for the monstrous codex, and doing the Across A Table Madly podcast. I would like to be playing in another game, but so far nobody is running a game on a day that I can play or playing a system that I want to play.