Thursday, August 5, 2010

The podcasting continues!

Episode 3 of 4 Geeks 4e has been released. It was a great show about D&D Monsters, specifically relating to the changes relating to the Monster Manual 3. We could have kept talking for ages on the subject. NewbieDM made a special guest appearance.

I put in another guest host appearance over at the DM Roundtable podcast too, for Episode 6. I think that I qualify as a "regular guest host" given that I've been on the show 50% of the time. This show was also really interesting. We started off talking about players who seem excessively bloodthirsty, the possible reasons for it, and some ideas for things to do with it. Then we transitioned into talking about the Dresden Files RPG, talking about the setting a bit, some unique features of the game, and otherwise interesting bits.

You can find links to both shows off to your right. Enjoy, comment, and rate them.