Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cataloging the collection, part 1

I think there's a tendency for a lot of people who like RPGs, especially people who run a lot of games, to collect tons of books. I know when talking to Sam (aka DM Samuel, one of my fellow podcast hosts) that we collect stuff that we've never been able to play and sometimes even buy things knowing that you never ~will~ play it for one reason or another. So, because of my talks with Sam, as well as @Justified on Twitter and his blog posts over at, I'm going to start posting my own collection. It's probably going to be incomplete and I'll have to post it in multiple parts, but it'll be fun anyway. Let's start with D&D4e and go from there. \

Players Handbook 1
Players Handbook 2
Players Handbook 3
Dungeon Master's Guide 1
Dungeon Master's Guide 2
Monster Manual 1
Monster Manual 3
Dark Sun Campaign Setting
Dark Sun Creature Catalogue
Forgotten Realms Players Guide
Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide
Eberron Players Guide
Eberron Campaign Guide
Adventurer's Vault 1
Adventurer's Vault 2
Psionic Power
Divine Power
Primal Power
Arcane Power
Player's Strategy Guide
The Plane Above
Draconomicon: Chromatics
Draconomicon: Metallics
Open Grave
Dragon Magazine Annual
Vor Rukoth
Players Handbook Races: Dragonborn
The Slaying Stone
Tomb of Horrors

Given that I generally don't buy modules (Tomb of Horrors aside. Even The Slaying Stone I won in a contest), I'm not missing a lot of books. The Manual of Planes is on it's way to me from Amazon as we speak. After that, I'm missing Plane Below, Martial Power 1+2, Demonomicon, Monster Manual 2, Players Handbook Races: Tieflings, Dungeon Delve (which I see less as a module than I do encounters I can steal), and that's about it.

Star Wars Saga Edition

Star Wars Saga Edition Core Rulebook
Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide
Jedi Academy Training Manual
Starships of the Galaxy
The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide
Scum and Villainy

I'd really like to get the complete set of SWSE books. It's not a perfect system, but it's fun.

Warhammer 40k Roleplay

Dark Heresy
Dark Heresy: The Inquisition Handbook
Rogue Trader

Definitely want more of these. Going to get Deathwatch when it comes out, so at least I'll have all 3 core rulebooks for the 40k RPGs, then start filling in all the extra stuff. 

Cthulhu/Mythos games

Call of Cthulhu
Trail of Cthulhu
Arkham Horror
Cthulhutech Core Rulebook
Cthulhutech: Dark Passions
Cthulhutech: Vade Maceum

Badly want more Cthulhutech stuff. I honestly am not sure how much more Call of Cthulhu stuff I want, aside from the super awesome big adventures like Masks or Horror on the Orient Express. I'd like some more Arkham Horror expansions as well as some of the adventure books for Trail of Cthulhu though.

So many books yet to come yet. All my Shadowrun books, Heavy Gear, Exalted, and many more.