Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm in a podcast! 4 Geeks 4e is unleashed today

Something more than a couple of months ago, I was talking with two fun and interesting RPG bloggers/writers on Twitter about the possibility of doing a podcast together. I've wanted to do an RPG podcast for over a year now, but had never really had the opportunity. I wanted to do a D&D4e focused show, which left out at least one person who I'd otherwise jump to have a podcast with, and I otherwise couldn't find people I wanted to host with. However, I thought that ThadeousC and DMSamuel would be good partners and thus we got to working. It was secret for a while, but I think most people could figure out what we were working on.

We've had some fits and starts. We originally recorded our first episode over a month ago, before I went on a vacation. We weren't happy with it. Which is why you're not going to hear it (sorry). We had some discussions, rethought some things, and decided to rerecord the first episode. And due to a technical issue... you won't get to hear our second attempt either. Even we don't get to listen to this one again. This one really is a shame though, because we had some good stuff in that lost recording. However, the fact that we did have problems meant that we got to bring in SarahDarkmagic into the podcast as a regular host and I think that will be good for the show.

So, now that I've prattled on about it, go listen! You can find the show at I'd personally like to thank Jessica (you know who you are) for giving us the name for the show. Thanks also to Candice, for giving me (and therefore the show) some good feedback and being supportive of me in general.